What I have been up to lately…

I’ve been so busy lately that I didn’t have time to post any blog posts, however I have couple of ideas to raise game design related topics, but most of them are in rough draft stage. Since I don’t have time to turn them in proper text form, I want to share article written by Łukasz Hacura, whom I work with (in fact he is Anshar Studios Co-founder and CEO).

Article is based on design panel that took place in the “cabin in the woods (literally)” as Łukasz described it. We both were present there with some guests that were invited, all designers have been mentioned in the article. Great talk and overall not only very productive but also fun.

Conclusions in article form can be checked on Gamasutra:

A few thoughts on game design methods

In other news, Detached team that I’m part of (as a sole designer in the project) presented Myltiplayer Alpha Build during Digital Dragons conference in Kraków.

Here is what it looked like

If you don’t know what Detached is you can check my portfolio page or just watch the teaser to have general idea:

Reception was very positive and we are very happy with input we received, but still we’re only 6 man team and a lot of work is to be done. So basically I’m a little tired but overall happy. I think song below represents my current mood quite accurately:



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