About Me

Creative Director | Game Designer

Currently working at Anshar Studios in Poland. I have worked mainly on PC and PS4 game titles and have a strong background in modding communities.
Games are my passion since the early years, I always liked to modify and create content in my favorite titles. My private interest covers graphic design and animation, however, my skills in analytical thinking, problem-solving, and management skills drove me into game design. I’m always focused on learning new skills and gaining experience through my work.
In recent years I’ve managed to obtain a creative director position, allowing me to learn how to deliver a product with a given scope, team, and budget.


Anshar Studios S.A.

2020 – ongoing
Creative Director on the in-house project.
Undisclosed 4-Player Coop Shooter, with an AA budget

2019 – 2020
Lead Designer on an undisclosed 3rd party project
Undisclosed prototype project for one of the clients of Anshar Studios.

2017 – 2019
Game Director on “Telefrag VR” game
A dynamic multiplayer arena shooter with visceral movement and combat mechanics dedicated to VR headsets, to be released on PC and PS4.
I was positioned as a Game Director on the project.

2015 – 2018
Game Designer on “Detached” game
Detached is a space exploration and survival game that is dedicated to VR headsets, released on PC and PS4.
I was positioned as the sole Game and Level Designer on the project.

CreativeForge Games S.A.

2014 – 2015
Game Designer on “Hard West” game
A weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG, released on PC.
I was responsible for: game design, level design, scenario design, visual scripting and implementation, tool
creation support and documentation.

Junior Game Designer on “Ancient Space” game
A single-player, real-time strategy game.
I was responsible for: mission design, visual scripting, and implementation

Modding and Indie Games Background

Project Lead on “Polish Armed Forces” Mod for “Arma 3” game
Infantry and equipment content package.
I was responsible for: content design, project management, texture work.

Lead Game Designer on “Codex Draconum” game prototype
Tower defense game prototype.
I was responsible for: game design, level design, world lore, and content design.

Game Designer on “Tillus Wars Engine” game engine
The game engine, tools, and editor used later in „Codex Draconum”.
I was responsible for: tool creation support and design.

Community Project Leader on “Project Reality Mod” for “Battlefield 2” game
The project received “Mod of the Year” award in 2008 and was nominated two times in previous years.
I was responsible for: management of the polish community team, cooperation with a core team, content design of community works, level design, texture work.


SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design

Specialises in Communication Design.
interface design, illustration, video editing and directing, webdesign, 2D animation,



  • Game Engines:
    • Unreal Engine 4
    • Unity Engine
    • The Real Virtuality ™ 4
    • Refractor Engine
    • The Divinity Engine 2
  • Perforce
  • SVN
  • Mantis
  • Jira
  • Adobe Suite
  • Corel Draw
  • Blender
  • Multiple scripting languages eg:
    • Blueprints Editor
    • Osiris
    • Arma Scripting Language

Office Suites:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Confluence
  • Google Docs
  • Open Office


  • Windows
  • Mac OS


  • English C1 level